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Travel Card Notice

Have an old RAMSDENS Travel Card?

If you have an old RAMSDENS Travel Card, please read the below important update about the Ramsdens Mastercard® Prepaid EURO Travel Card and the Ramsdens Mastercard® Prepaid US DOLLAR Travel Card:

Following our previous communications on behalf of PayrNet Limited, the Ramsdens Prepaid Travel Mastercard programme closed on the 15th February 2022. As you should be aware, PCT London Limited and the subsidiary companies, Payment Card Technologies (Retail) Limited, Tuxedo Moneyplus Limited and Tuxedo Money Solutions Limited were placed into liquidation on 5 May 2022. Payment Card Technologies (Retail) Limited were part of the Omnio Group and managed the Ramsdens Travel Card on behalf of Ramsdens and PayrNet Limited.

Refunds were previously managed by the travel card programme manager Payment Card Technologies. On the 6th May following the liquidation of Payment Card Technologies, refunds are now processed by PayrNet. Refunds and queries regarding outstanding card balances can requested directly to PayrNet themselves through their parent company Railsr.

Refunds can be requested by following the link and selecting the option for ‘Return of funds due to liquidation of PCT London Limited (formerly Omnio Limited) or Tuxedo solutions Limited [including Ramsdens, Easyjet, Ignite, Acepayme, STA travel]’ when prompted. Railsr will request the cardholders information to verify the card holder submitting the query.

For any further information please contact one of our team members on the contact number 01642 579981.