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Australian Dollar

Visiting somewhere in Australia? We have you covered.

Visiting Australia is an experience like no other. With its vast, diverse landscapes, beautiful beaches, and friendly people, it's no wonder why so many people flock to the country. And with the current exchange rates, it's even more attractive. The GBP to AUD rate is currently at great rates, making it more affordable than ever to visit Australia. Whether you're looking for a relaxing beach getaway or an adventure in the outback, Australia has something for everyone. There's no better time to take advantage of these great rates and explore the beauty of Australia.

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Where is the AUD used?

The AUD, or Australian Dollar, is the official currency of Australia. It is used as legal tender in the country and is accepted as payment for goods and services. The AUD is also used in many countries around the world, such as New Zealand, Fiji, and the Solomon Islands.


Denominations of 5, 10, 20, and 50 cents, as well as $1 and $2 coins. Banknotes are available in denominations of $5, $10, $20, $50, and $100.

How far will my money go throughout Australia?

When travelling to a new country, it can be difficult to gauge how far your money will go. This is especially true when travelling to Australia, a country that is known for its high cost of living. But how far will your money actually go in Australia? That’s where our guide comes in. We’ll take you through the cost of travelling throughout the country so you can get a better idea of how far your money will stretch.

Things to do in Australia

Australia is a vast and diverse country, offering a wealth of experiences for visitors. One of the must-see attractions is the Great Barrier Reef, a natural wonder that is home to an incredible array of marine life. Snorkelling or diving in the crystal-clear waters is an unforgettable experience.

For a taste of urban Australia, Sydney is a great place to start. The iconic Opera House and Harbour Bridge are unmissable sights, while the famous Bondi Beach is the perfect spot to soak up some sun. Take a stroll around the city's many parks and gardens, or head to the trendy neighbourhoods of Surry Hills and Paddington for some shopping and dining.

Just outside Sydney, the Blue Mountains offer a stunning contrast to the city's bustle. The range is perfect for hiking, mountain biking, and rock climbing, and the scenery is breathtaking.

Another great road trip option is the Great Ocean Road, which stretches along the southern coast of Victoria. The drive takes in rugged cliffs, golden beaches, and charming coastal towns, making it a popular choice for visitors looking to explore Australia's natural beauty.

Australia's wildlife is unique and fascinating, and there are many opportunities to get up close with some of the country's most iconic animals. Kangaroos, koalas, and wallabies are just some of the creatures that can be spotted in the wild, while birdwatching is also a popular activity.

Finally, Australia is known for its excellent food and wine, and there are many local delicacies to try. Meat pies, Vegemite, and Tim Tams are just some of the treats that visitors should sample. The country's wine regions, including the Barossa Valley and Margaret River, offer the chance to taste some of the world's best wines, while enjoying beautiful scenery.

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